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Our minimalistic car scent diffusers are a stylish and low maintenance fragrance for your car! 

High quality diffuser oils that combine our phthalate-free fragrance oils infused with essential oils to provide lasting fragrance for 30+ days.

Diffuser will be shipped with a plastic plug sealing the fragrance reservoir.  

Size 6ml and available in all Sea Love signature fragrances.

**Note:  Liquid color may vary from photos based on scent chosen.

HOW TO USE:  Unscrew wooden top, remove plastic plug and discard.  Screw wooden top back on and then turn upside down for approximately 10-15 seconds (based on the scent throw desired), allowing the fragrance to travel to the string.  Turn right side back up and hang in your car or small space.  To avoid spillage, keep the diffuser bottle right side up while hanging.

To brighten up the smell, occasionally tilt the diffuser to allow more oil to travel to the string.

Carefully tilt the bottle to the side (based on the scent throw desired) so oil can soak into the wooden cap.  

Tie on to rear view mirror or hang in a small space. 

To brighten up the smell, occasionally tilt the diffuser to allow some oil to reach the wooden top.
**WARNING:  Be sure wooden lid is on tightly and do not oversaturate to avoid dripping on dashboard.  If spillage occurs, wipe immediately to avoid damage. 
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